3.5″ Ab Roller

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Product Description


Dr. Prepare 3.5″ Ab Roller comes in a sleek black finished with yellow strips to ignite passion. Its ultra-wide textured wheel ensures stable, multidirectional movement to work muscle groups around abdominals while keeping your neighbors downstairs from the whirring sound. Plus ergonomic handles and a foam kneepad, you can incorporate this portable exercise wheel into your home workout routines for enhanced performance.

Key Features

【Speed for Passion】
  • Integrated with high-quality 360° ball bearings to prevent twisting, winding, or tangles for smooth and consistent reps. Plus braided steel wires, this jump rope can deliver fast, fluid swings to help you get sweat on.
【Adjustable Length】
  • Measuring 9.18 feet in length, the skipping rope is ideal for most people to burn calories. Too long for kids? No worries about it and just trim the excessive part (pliers may be required). A nifty buckle in each handle helps you to secure the rest of the rope at the desired length to suit your workout needs.
【Slip-Free Handles】
  • Two 6.2-inch ergonomic handles feature spongy foam and colorful grooves, providing a comfortable grip for your hands to prevent the speed rope from slipping even in the most intense sessions.
【Extra Toughness】
  • This skipping rope package comes with one steel cable rope and one freestyle rope—all constructed with PVC to hold up against rough outdoor grounds for extended use and improved exercise performance.
【Fitness Enhanced】
  • With these lightweight, durable, and space-saving cable ropes, you can turn almost any places to a gym and start skipping to shape bodies and build endurance. Now it’s time to add jump ropes to your daily fitness routines for upgraded cardio challenges.

Package Includes

  • 1 x 3.5″ Ab Wheel
  • 1 x Foam Kneepad
  • 2 x Handle
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Bar


3.5″ Ab Roller
Wheel diameter: 6.7 inch Wheel width: 3.54 inch
Handle length: 4.4 inch per handle Materials: TPR, Stainless Steel, Foam
Kneepad size: 14 x 6.5 inch  

Warranty Information

1-year warranty

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