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About Us

About Dr.Prepare

Who we are

As an emerging innovative tech company, Dr.Prepare aims to provide cost-effective solutions to keep you cool or warm whenever you need, helping to create a comfortable living space for yourself and your family all year round. 



What we do 

From our most-loved tower fans for the burning heat to the popular heated apparel that braves the chill, our product development's motivation remains unchanged. That is, by integrating advanced thermal and cooling technology with user-centered design, we strive to deliver a wide range of efficient DC-powered electric devices for application in homes, businesses, journeys, and more. With this philosophy as our backbone, we are confident to offer you affordable products without sacrificing quality and convenience.about-us-2.jpg


Meanwhile, we believe in the power of connection. That's why we are all ears for eager needs and constructive feedback from you, which injects creative vitality and energy into our development in turn. Together, we will continue to provide a cozy and pleasant environment by degrees for every one of you.