Heated Socks for Men/Women

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Shivering with cold no matter how many clothes you have layered? Try Dr. Prepare Heated Socks this fall and winter. Made of moisture-wicking cotton blend, these cushioned socks are soft to touch and light for feet to breathe. Featuring ultra-thin heating elements, the heated socks come with 3 temperature settings to prevent your feet getting numb. The compact 2x2200mah portable batteries (included) are easy to carry in the exclusive pockets and keep your feet warm for 15 hours, wherever you go.

Key Features

3 Heat Settings
  • Wrapped with ultra-thin, efficient heat elements at tiptoe parts, these new heated socks come with 3 heat levels to keep your feet warm this winter: High (136.4°F), Medium (122°F), and Low (114.8°F).
Max.15-Hour Warmth
  • Include a pair of 2200mAh rechargeable batteries to offer lasting warmth for up to 15 hours on Low, 10 hours on Medium, and 7 hours on High setting. Slip these compact batteries into the exclusive pockets next to your calf and you are good to go for fishing, cycling, and skiing in harsh wintertime.
 Unisex Design
  • WFeaturing a classic crew sock style and one average size ( suitable for US 5-12), these camping feet warmers are easy to pull up or take off. The elastic hem ensures a perfect fit for everyone to complete daily looks.
Comfy Wearing
  • Knitted with soft cotton blend, these thermal socks deliver a lighter-than-air feel while wicking away moisture. The extra cushion underfoot is sure to keep your foot toasty and comfortable with each move for blood circulation without sacrificing breathability.
Easy to Care
  • We highly recommend to handwash the heated socks for extended service life. Please use a laundry net if you choose machine wash to protect the heating elements. DO NOT tumble dry or wring. Hang dry in a ventilated outdoor area.


Heated Socks for Men/Women
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Warranty Information

1-year warranty