5 Gallons Portable Camping Shower Kit with Pump

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  • 【80 min Battery Life】
    This 2,200 mAh battery can last up to 80 min once charged. Charge it with your adapter, power bank, or car charger - any power source of DC 5V/1~2A. Get yourself ready for your next outdoor adventures, and keep clean even in the wildness.
  • 【Constant Large Water Flow】
    Enjoy a gentle yet large water flow just like you're at home. Two levels of water flow volume - 1 gal. per min (large) and 0.8 gal. per min (small). A shower head & a spray nozzle are included. The spray nozzle comes with two spray modes, flip the lever up for constant water flow, or down to control the water flow manually.
  • 【Portable Shower Solution】
    Lightweight & compact shower kit, easy to carry for outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, pet cleaning, car washing, plant watering, window and backyard cleaning, or washing off sand on the beach. The pump weighs only 0.3 lbs, and it fits into other water containers perfectly.
  • 【Rugged Collapsible Bucket】
    Large enough to hold 5 gallons of water for a quick shower or dishwashing. Collapsible design for efficient storage. With its thick ABS material and durable handles, this bucket is made for long-term use even in harsh environments.
  • 【Easy to Use】
    You'll be amazed at how easily to get the water flow and how quick the setup is. Once assembled, you place the pump in your water source, turn it on, and you have a ""shower""! Just being able to spray off the sweat and dirt after a day of hiking feels like a dream come true.

Dr.Prepare Camping Shower Kit with Pump

With a unique combination of functionality and portability, this camp shower is a surprisingly versatile gadget that's great for so much more than just camping. It rests on the ground yet offers ample water pressure you need anywhere, no need to hang it high like a gravity-fed shower bag does. 

The constant large water flow provides a comfortable and fresh shower experience. This complete shower kit fits perfectly for outdoor use, such as camping, swimming, bathing your dog, watering plants, and emergency use. 

Get this camping shower kit to upgrade your next outdoor adventure! 


Use It for Any Occasion You Need

No Worries about Showering at Night

Use It in Your Way

Hang the shower head with the included hook; or fix the shower head with the suction cup, sticking it on smooth and plain surfaces.

Dual Shower Options

Flip the lever up to get constant water flow, or flip it down to control the water flow as needed.

Up to 80 min Battery Life

Charge the battery with the included charging cable and a power source of 5V/1-2A. A higher or lower voltage may fail to charge.

User-Friendly Drain Valve

Loosen the valve, and drain the water inside with ease. No need to lift the bucket up and save your labor.

Warranty Information

1-year warranty


5 Gallons (20L) Camping Shower with Water Pump
Model DCSB4
20L/5 Gallons
Color Black
Water Flow Volume
Small: 0.8 gal. / min
Large: 1 gal. / min
Battery Capacity
2,200 mAh
Working Voltage
Battery Life 80 min
Power Source
Rated Power 25W Max.
Charging Time
About 2H
Power Indicators
Charging: Red light blinks
Charging completed: Static red light
Waterproof Index (Battery)


Can the shower head be removed and replaced with other spray nozzles?
Absolutely. This shower kit has a shower head and a spray nozzle as a bonus gift. Unscrew the existing nozzle and replace it with any standard nozzle in the market. Don't forget to add an O-ring between the hose and the nozzle to avoid water leakage.
How do you know if the battery's fully charged?
When the battery is charging, the red light is on, and when it completes charging, the light will turn green. The whole process takes about 2 hours.
How long is the hose?
The hose is 5.9 feet long, which is perfect for putting the pump part into a bucket and hanging the shower head above the shower tent.
Can I use this to enjoy a hands-free shower (hang the shower head up somehow)?
Absolutely! We've sent you an S-hook and a suction cup, you can hang the shower head anywhere you need it.
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