USB Electric Heated Vest Unisex Heated Clothing

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  • Dr. Prepare 10000mAh Portable Charger, 5V 3A Fast Charging Power Bank with USB C Input & Dual Output, Ultra-Compact External Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad, Heated Vest and Heated Jacket
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Elevated Comfort for the Outdoors

No more shivering this winter

Featuring 10 strategically placed heating zones on the front and back, covering the belly, back, waist, and neck, this vest ensures personalized warmth. Our intuitive smart control buttons grant you the freedom to adjust warmth separately for the front and back, enhancing your outdoor experience.

With 3 heating levels, customizable heat is at your fingertips. Experience rapid warmth with its 7.4V port, designed for quicker heating. Notably, our heated vest specifically adds a fire-retardant layer, offering you a reliable and secure heating solution.

Unleash the power of warmth with our Dr.Prepare USB electric heated vest and embrace the outdoors like never before.


  • Enhanced Warmth & Swift Heating】 The premium heating elements deliver enhanced sense of warmth, along with the abundant cotton filling, the vest provides extra warmth for outdoor ventures. Experience rapid warmth with Dr.Prepare USB electric heated vest's 7.4V port, and embrace the outdoors like never before.
  • 2 Smart Control Buttons】 Equipped with 2 independent buttons, our heated vest empowers you to activate the heating function easily as needed. With our intuitive smart controls, you can adjust warmth independently for the front and back sections, or you can activate all heating zones simultaneously for total comfort. 
  • Enduring Warmth & Comfort】 With 3 heating levels and 10 heating zones, covering the belly, back, waist, neck, and shoulders, the heated vest leaves you feeling comfortably warmer in no time. Pair it with a portable power bank to stay toasty warm throughout the day.
  • Adjustable Fit, Lightweight Warmth】 2 Side zippers allow you to get a snug fit for maximum warmth, and determine what to wear underneath to adapt to changing conditions. Let your winter adventures begin with our lightweight heated vest without restricted mobility. 
  • Maintenance Made Easy】 Machine wash & hand wash available. Before washing, ensure the power bank is unplugged, and stow the built-in cable in the pocket, zipping it securely. For extended life, machine wash with a laundry bag, then air dry in a cool, airy space. Avoid bleach, iron, and dry-cleaning for optimal care.

Higher Safety

More Practical



Key Features



Keep You Warm All Day Long

The actual runtime would be longer if you are powering the vest via the 5V USB port or just make part of the heating zones active.


Effortless Maintenance

Remove the power bank and put the charging cable into the inner pocket, then zip it up before washing. *Put the vest into the laundry bag (included) before machine washing. 


Smart Control Buttons

You can activate all heating zones simultaneously or individually, tailoring control to your needs.


Adjustable Zipper Position

You can activate all heating zones simultaneously or individually, tailoring control to your needs.


What You Will Get

Sent with a laundry bag and a storage bag. To lengthen the vest's service life, place it into a laundry bag before machine washing. 

Unique Gift Ideas

Perfect gift for people who shiver a lot on cold days. Dr. Prepare's heated vest helps with muscle and joint pain by promoting blood circulation. 



Package Includes 

  • 1 x Heated Vest
  • 1 x Laundry Bag
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x User Manual


USB Electric Heated Vest Unisex Heated Clothing
Color Black
Material Polar Fleece
Size M / L

DC Port: 7.4V / 2.3A

USB Port: 5V / 2A

Two Control Buttons

Left One: Belly and Neck Part Heating

Right One: Waist, Back, and shoulder Part Heating

Filling 100% Polyester
Three Heating Levels

Low: 45 ℃ / 113 ℉; Blue

Medium: 55 ℃ / 131 ℉; White

High: 65 ℃ / 149 ℉; Red

Outer Shell  Nylon
Three Heating Levels
Levels Temperature Indicator Light
High 65 ℃ / 149  Red
Medium 55 ℃ / 131  White
Low 45 ℃ / 113  Blue


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