100Ah 12V Mini LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery [10-year Warranty]

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New Product, 10-year material warranty
10.02 (in)
7.80 (in)
5.15 (in)

DR.PREPARE 12V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, 1280Wh Deep Cycle Battery with 100A BMS, Grade A Cells, 5000 Cycles & 10 Years Lifetime, For Boat, RV, Camping, Trolling Motor, Off-Grid, Home Backup

Dr.Prepare Mini LiFePO4 Battery - Powerful Energy Solution with More Flexibility
Dr.Prepare Mini LiFePO4 Battery with a smaller size allows for the installation of more batteries in the original space in multiple directions. The built-in grade A cells and Battery Management System (BMS) ensure safer operation and provide longer service time. Supports the connection of 4 batteries in series to create a 48V battery bank, or in parallel to build a 400Ah battery bank system.
Upgrade to Dr.Prepare 12V 100Ah mini battery for your fishing boats, RVs, trolling motor, camping, off-grid, and other energy needs.


  • Mini in Size, Max on Power】 Measures 10.02*5.15*7.8inches (only 0.23ft³) and 22lbs, our 12V 100Ah mini LiFePO4 battery is 50% the size of a normal 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery and 30% weight of a 12V 100Ah SLA battery, while supports the same energy of 1280Wh, 100% discharge. This mini LiFePO4 battery is more compact and space-saving with 1.9 times energy density higher than other LiFePO4 batteries.
  • Grade A Cells & Advanced BMS】 This mini 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery adopts advanced grade A cells and they are UN38.3/FCC/CE/ROHS certificated which can own 10 years lifespan and more than 5000 cycles. With the built-in premium 100A BMS, there are 6 layers of safety protection including low temperature protection, high temperature protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, and short circuit protection. Just be a reliable and all-around safety companion wherever you go.
  • Sturdy Case & Installation in Any Orientation】 This battery uses soft packs of LiFePO4 battery cells and five-sided EVA foam protection, ensuring that it can be installed in any direction and can withstand greater impacts. IP65 rating can effectively protect the battery from dust and water splash. NOTE: Upside-down installation is not recommended.
  • Series and Parallel Connection】 Our LiFePO4 batteries support series and parallel connections, allowing you to create a 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V battery bank, or 12V 200Ah, 300Ah, or 400Ah power system. You can even connect up to 16 batteries in series and parallel to build a 20.48kWh power system.
  • Warm Tips before Buying】 This 12V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 battery is suitable for energy storage battery rather than starting batteries or golf cart batteries. As to the trolling motor, we suggested one battery working with a 12V 36~55 lbs thrust trolling motor. If you need more help, please feel free to contact us.
  • Important Reminders
  • 1. For powering your lawn mower, connect 4 batteries in series (48V system).
  • 2. Ensure all batteries are fully charged before connecting in series.
  • 3. Use a lithium battery-compatible charger for charging.
  • 4. Dr. Prepare batteries will be shipped from California, USA. We provide 10-year battery warranty and lifetime technical support, if you have any questions during usage, please feel free to contact us.


Key Features

Why Choose Dr.Prepare 12V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 Battery



Package Includes 

● 1 x 12V 100Ah Mini (LiFePO4) Battery

● 1 x User Manual




Dr.Prepare 100Ah 12V Mini LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery
Technical Specifications
Rated Capacity 100Ah / 1280Wh
Rated voltage
Max. charging voltage 14.6V
Max. discharging current 100A
Recommended charging current 20A optimal / 100A max.
Cycle lifespan More than 5000 cycles
Charging temperature range 32℉~113℉/0℃~45℃
Discharging temperature range
Low charging temperature protection 23℉~41℉/0℃±5℃
Low discharging temperature protection
High Temperature Protection
Charging: 113℉~131F℉/50℃ ± 5℃
Storage Temperature Range  -4℉~113℉ / -20~45℃ (Store for 1-3 months)
 -4℉~68℉ / -20~20℃ (Store for 1 year)
Terminal Bolt Size
10.02x 5.15x 7.8 inch /257x132x200mm
10-year material warranty


· Do not install the battery in a location that may be flooded.

· Do not short the battery terminals.

· Do not expose the battery to fire, extreme heat conditions, or close to any heat sources.

· Secure the battery in place to avoid any violent shaking when installing in your vehicle.

· Do not disassemble the battery.

· Do not strike fiercely or penetrate the battery.




How long will this battery last?
Our lithium ion batteries enable more than 5,000 cycles, which allows for around a 10-year lifetime of daily use.
Does this battery have low temperature protection?
Yes, the advanced BMS works with a low temp sensor to provide complete low temperature protection. When the temp reaches 23℉~41℉ / -5℃~5℃, this lithium battery will stop being charged, and when the temp reaches -13℉~5℉ / -25℃~-15℃, the battery will stop discharging.
Can I wire these batteries in series and in parallel?
Yes, these batteries support series and parallel connection. Please note that you need to use identical batteries to connect.
For optimal performance, we kindly advise you to follow the requirements listed below to connect your batteries together:
1. Fully charge all ready-to-connect batteries.
2. All battery interconnect cables should be the same wire gauge (AWG) and length, and come from the same brand. Otherwise, the impedance will be inconsistent, resulting in unbalanced charge and discharge performance.
3. Connect your batteries one by one in series (up to 4 batteries) or in parallel (up to 4 batteries). Tightly screw all cable connections between the cable lugs and terminals.
How can I charge the battery?
We recommend using a 12V lithium battery charger to charge our LiFePO4 batteries. You can also charge the battery with compatible solar charge controllers and solar panels.
How to properly store the battery?
We recommend keeping the battery at 100% state of charge, or at least 30%-50% state of charge. Then disconnect the battery from any load by removing the terminal cables. Highly recommend charging the battery every 6 months when not in use to prevent over-discharge.
When storing the battery for 1-3 months, you can place it in an environment with a temperature range of -4℉~113℉ / -20℃~45℃; when storing it for 1 year, it is recommended to place it in an environment with a temperature range of -4℉~68℉ / -20℃~20℃.

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