100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery with LED Screen - Connect In Series [10-year Warranty]

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Dr. Prepare LiFePO4 Battery - Your Stronger, Safer and Cleaner Power Solution

Dr. Prepare 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is a safe energy source which offers a greater capacity than other lead acid batteries, with only 1/3 of the weight and size. The integrated BMS protects the battery from various abnormal conditions, so that the battery cells have 3000+ deep cycles and excellent discharge performance.

If you're searching for a deep cycle battery for RV, marine, or off-grid applications, then this lithium-ion battery is the perfect choice for you!


  • Deep Cycle Lithium BatteryDr. Prepare 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells provides 3000+ cycles, which is 6-10 times to lead acid batteries with 300~500 cycles. This battery can help you save money without multiple purchases. Due to its low self-discharge rate (2%), this LiFePO4 battery will be fully ready for operation even after 1 year of storage. This battery can be repeatedly charged and discharged without any memory effect. It can be used no matter what state it is in.
  • Upgraded BMS & Temperature Protection】 The built-in battery management system (BMS) monitors the battery temperature during discharge and charge to protect from various abnormal conditions. Our LFP battery has both high-temperature and low-temperature detection sensors inside the BMS plate. When the temperature is below -4℉ or over 167℉, it will stop discharging. And when the temperature is below 32℉ or over 149℉, it will stop charging. The BMS also can prevent the battery from short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and so on.
  • Extendible Capacity to PowerThis deep cycle lithium battery enables 1280Wh load power and up to 100A continuous discharge, which can power up most home appliances, such as a fridge, TV, microwave oven, lights, air-conditioner, washing machine, laptop, coffee maker, and more. It also supports to connect up to 4 batteries in series or 4 batteries in parallel to expand power capacity.
  • Lightweight and Powerful】 This Lithium Iron Phosphate battery weighs only 25 lbs, which is only about 1/3 the weight of the lead-acid battery at the same capacity, and it is convenient to carry and use it anywhere. It can run in various systems, including RVs, camper vans, off-grid cabins, home backup power, marine, outdoor emergency power, wind/solar energy storage, and more.
  • High Safety Performance & Environmentally Friendly 】Our LiFePO4 battery is green battery and it doesn't contain any heavy metals and non-toxic materials, which is completely safe to the environment. This battery is compatible with solar panels (not included) to get recharged gradually in sunlight. It can work efficiently in a wide range of temperature while maintaining high capacity. Definitely an ideal replacement for most traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • Best Service】Dr. Prepare batteries will be shipped from California, USA. We provide 10-year battery warranty and lifetime technical support, if you have any questions during usage, please feel free to contact us.


Key Features


  • · 3000+ deep cycles
  • · Built-in BMS system
  • · High / Low temperature protection
  • · Wide operation temperature range
  • · 1/3 of weight of lead-acid battery
  • · Battery expansion for up to 4 in series or 4 in parallel
  • · Auto-balancing function
  • · 10-year warranty

Expand Power Supply Capacity

- Connect your batteries in series (up to 4 batteries) or in parallel (up to 4 batteries) to expand power capacity.

- We recommend connecting batteries with the same capacity (Ah), same type (LiFePO4), and from the same brand. Fully charge the batteries before connection.

Longer Storage Time

The monthly self-discharge rate is as low as 2% when not in use, which means that a fully charged LiFePO4 battery can potentially hold a charge up to 1 year.

Solar Recharging

Compatible with 1000W solar panels (not included) to get recharged gradually in direct sunlight.

Package Includes 

1 x 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery
1 x User Manual


100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery - Connect In Series
Cell type: lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) Rated voltage: 12.8V
Rated capacity: 100Ah (1280Wh)  Max. charging voltage: 14.6V
Max. discharging current: 100A Max. charging current: 50A
LED screen: Yes Charging temperature range: 32°F~113°F / 0°C~45°C
Cycle life: 3000 cycles Discharging temperature range: 14°F~140°F / -10°C~60°C
Net weight: 25.11 lb / 11.39 kg Battery box: ABS plastic
Storage temperature range: -4~113℉ / -20~45℃ (store for 1-3 months), -4~68°F / -20~20°C (store for 1 year)
Size: 13.07 x 8.66 x 6.77 inch


· DO NOT short circuit the battery.

· DO NOT reverse polarity connection.

· DO NOT dismantle or modify the battery yourself.

· DO NOT expose the battery to fire, heat sources, or direct sunlight.

· DO NOT drop, crush, shake, strike, or penetrate the battery.  




How many life cycles does this LiFePO4 battery have?
This LiFePO4 battery enables more than 3000 charge/discharge cycles at 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge) in cyclic applications.
Does this battery have low temperature protection?
Yes. This battery has both low temperature protection and high temperature protection. When the temperature is below -4℉ or over 167℉, it will stop discharging. And when the temperature is below 32℉ or over 149℉, it will stop charging.
Can I use these batteries in series?
Yes. These batteries can be connected in series or in parallel. And we recommend connecting batteries with the same capacity (Ah), same type (LiFePO4), and from the same brand.
How to properly store this battery?
If your purchase this battery for less than 3 months, you can store it in an environment of -4~113℉ (-20~45℃). If it has been used for 3 months to 1 year, you can store it at -4~68℉ (-20~20℃). Make sure that it is 100% charged before storing it, and recharge it every 6 months.
More questions about this product? Please contact us .


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