4 Gallons Portable Camp Shower Bag

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4.57 (in)
16.89 (in)
2.40 (in)


  • 【Large Capacity】
    This 4 Gallons 15L camping shower bag is enough for 2-3 quick showers. It allows you to wash up outdoors and keep the whole family clean.
  • 【Easy to Use】
    Get the water ready, then hang the shower bag high, and control the water flow with the shower head. Wash your body, face, hands, dishes, food, or cars with ease.
  • 【Practical Shower Head】
    The upgraded shower head provides an easy-to-open/close switch with constant spray and manually controlled water flow. Control the water flow in your way.
  • 【We Got You Covered】
    This reusable camping shower features a 27.6-inch long hose, a strong carrying handle, and durable PVC material, made for harsh environments. Place it in the sun, then enjoy a refreshing hot shower on the go!
  • 【Portable Shower Solution】
    It’s compact and lightweight when folded, making it easy to carry for camping, beach, hiking, fishing, and more. It’s an essential for outdoor enthusiasts. Get the dirt off and don’t go home dirty!

A Reusable Gravity-Fed Shower Bag

To get the best flow of water and for ease of use, hang the shower bag high for at least 8 inches above the head, avoid bending or twisting the hose AMAP.

Our 27.6-inch hose gives proper water flow in most conditions. It is not recommended to use a longer hose, which may affect water pressure, resulting in small water flow.

NOTE: It is advised to hang the bag somewhere sturdy, as a bag full of water is not light.

Warranty Information

1-year warranty


4 Gallons Portable Camp Shower Bag
Capacity: 15L / 4 gallons Material: waterproof PVC
Color: ‎Black Size: ‎16.89 x 4.57 x 2.4 inch
Net weight:  1.27 lb Length of the hose: 27.6 inch
Where can I use this camping shower bag?
It can be used for camping, traveling, climbing, hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and swimming etc. Enjoy a refreshing and pleasant shower outdoors with Dr.Prepare camping shower bag.
Is this camping shower convenient to carry?
This portable camping shower bag is compact and lightweight when folded. It weighs only 0.8 lbs and its folded size is 17x5x3 inches, which makes it easy to carry for your trips.
How many minutes of showering when using this camping shower bag?
With a large water capacity of 4 gallons / 15L, this shower bag is enough for 2-3 quick showers. The height your hang the bag, the water volume inside the bag, and the hose’s position, all these factors could affect the water flow and its running time. So it is hard to say for sure the exact time of continuous water flow.
How to warm up the water inside the bag?
All solar showers require sunshine to get hot. Place the shower bag in full sunlight, then wait for several hours to get warm water. With less sunshine it may only get lukewarm. Vice versa, if you want to keep the water cool, place the bag in the shade.
How wide is the water fill hole - is it wide enough for ice cubes?
Its diameter is 2.3 inches. It is not advised to add ice cubes inside the shower bag, as the hose’s diameter is too small, and things like ice cubes or laundry detergent may stuck inside. Note: Operate only with water temperature of 23~113 ℉ (-5~45 ℃).
How to get the best water flow?
Hang the bag high, about 8 inches above the head, and keep the hose as straight as possible to avoid bending or twisting it. If you want to make the water flow larger or smaller, adjust the hose’s position slightly, higher or lower, and the water flow will change accordingly.
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