Dr.Prepare Powerful 16-inch 1500W Space Heater

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Dr.Prepare Powerful 1500W Space Heater.

Crafted for your utmost comfort and ease. 3 heat levels cater to your ideal warmth. Select from 3 modes, heating, ECO, and fan mode - for versatile utility.

The energy-efficient ECO mode slashes electricity bills by 50%, adapting heat levels and activates / deactivates automatically based on environmental temperatures. Enjoy personalised warmth with 1 ℉ increments. To maximize heat distribution, this space heater offers 60° oscillation, ensuring even warmth in every corner of the room. Revel in the touchscreen and remote controls for seamless operation.

Set the timer for automatic on/off, ensuring a warm return or a toasty morning wake-up.

Stay cozy, stay comfortable – choose our space heater for a warmer, more convenient life.

  • 【Stay Warm Your Way】 3 Modes - ECO, Fan, Heating Modes with 3 Heat Levels - Low, Medium, and High Heat. Feel the impressive power and rapid heat distribution with the 60° oscillation, and sink into comforting warmth this winter.
  • 【Energy-Efficient ECO Mode】 50% Electricity Savings. 1℉ Increment Control. In ECO mode, the space heater
    adjusts heat levels or activates / deactivates automatically based on environmental temperatures, ensuring consistent
    warmth throughout the room.
  • 【Silent 30 dB Heater, Light-Free】 Warms up your space undisturbed, whether for sleeping, conference calls, or watching TV. Lights auto-off in 3 mins. With a 12-hour timer, it's your ideal preheating or sleeping companion for cozy warmth.
  • 【Simple Controls via Touchscreen & Remote】 Switch between ECO, fan, and heating modes with 3 heat levels—low, medium, and high. Experience 60° auto-oscillation, convenient 12-hour auto-on/off timers, and easily adjust temperatures using the remote or touchscreen.
  • 【Top Safety Priority】 Our heater, with V0 fire-retardant material and integrated safeguards like overheat protection, tip-
    over protection, and 30s heat dissipation for power-off safety, guarantees maximum safety for kids, pets, and your family.
    Enjoy worry-free usage in complete safety.

3 Heat Levels

Your Noiseless, Nighttime Companion

Cozy Comfort on Your Schedule!

Smart & Energy-Efficient ECO Mode


Key Features

Perfect Size Space Heater

Easy-to-Clean, Removable Part

Enhanced Safety Plug

Convenient Remote Control




Warranty Information

1-Year Material and Workmanship Warranty


Dr.Prepare Powerful 16-inch 1500W Space Heater
Power Supply
120V, 60Hz
Power Source
Wattage  0, 500W, 1000W, 1500W 
Mode Options
3 Modes - Heating Mode, ECO Mode, Fan Mode.
Heating Levels
3 Levels - I (Low), II (Medium), III (High)
Sound Level
30 dB
Bulit-in Timer 1-12 Hours (1H Increments)
Adjustable Thermostat
50-86 ℉ (1 ℉ Increments) 
60° Auto-oscillation
Remote Control Battery AAA Battery (2 Batteries are needed)
Product Dimensions
7.6 in, 16.4 in
Cord Lenth 5.9 ft (1.8m) 


How do you adjust the space heater's heating level?

1. Press the second button to enter heating mode.
2. Each time you press the second button, the heating level will cycle through different levels, such as II - III - I - II - III - I ...
3. Watch for the corresponding light that indicates the current heating level.

Once you've reached your desired heating level, stop there, and the heater will maintain that setting until you decide to change it again.

How many Watts does this space heater use?

This space heater operates at different wattages based on its temperature settings:

Highest temperature setting (III): 1500 Watts (1500W)
Medium temperature setting (II): 1000 Watts (1000W)
Lowest temperature setting (I): 500 Watts (500W)

What are 3 working modes?

1. Heating Mode. Press the second button to enter heating mode. This mode allows you to set the heating levels between I(low), II(medium), III(high).

2. ECO Mode. By pressing the '+' or '-' button, you can enter ECO mode. Here, you can set a desired temperature. When the environmental temperature surpasses this set temperature, the heater stops heating but continues oscillating if that function is activated. Conversely, if the environmental temperature drops below the set temperature, the heater resumes working. The space heater automatically adjusts heating levels based on the temperature difference, potentially saving up to 50% on electricity bills.

The space heater operates on 1500W at highest temperature setting (III), 1000W at medium (II), 500W at low (I).

3. Fan Mode. This mode blows a gentle, cool wind to help balance the room temperature, especially if the space feels too warm.

Why does my heater shut off randomly?

Your space heater might be shutting off for a few reasons:

1. Timer Settings: If a timer is set, the heater might shut off when the scheduled auto-off time is reached. Check the timer settings to ensure this isn't the cause.

2. Temperature Regulation: If the environmental temperature exceeds the set temperature (in ECO mode), the heater may temporarily shut off to maintain the desired temperature. It will restart once the temperature drops below the set temperature.

3. Safety Features Activation: The heater might trigger its overheat protection or tip-over protection features. Allow the heater to cool down (if it triggered the overheat protection) and ensure it's placed flat on the ground. Check that it's not obstructed by fluffy carpets, as this could interfere with the tip-over protection.

By troubleshooting these possible causes, you might be able to identify why your heater is shutting off unexpectedly.

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