Outdoor Portable Misting Fan Kit

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Create a Perfect Oasis for Staycation

There’s nothing more exciting than spending a golden afternoon at leisure in the backyard while staying cool all the time.

Dr. Prepare presents the all-new 5-nozzle outdoor misting fan kit to keep heat away.

This misting ring measures 10.6 inches in diameter and is works with most pedestal fans, floor fans, wall-mounted fans.



  • 【Cooling Essentials for Fans】The unique misting ring works perfectly with most fans with 10.6" or above in diameter. Upgrade your pedestal fans, floor fans, or wall-mounted fans with this efficient fan mister kit for your outdoor life.
  • 【Independent Ball Valve】The exclusive ball valve on the mist pipe makes it easier for you to start/stop misting or adjust to the right amount of spray you crave for cooling off in the yard. (Please make sure the spigot in your garden is turned on.)
  • 【Quality Brass Nozzles】Featuring durable metal construction, the 5 removable brass mist nozzles can deliver refreshing mist to cool you off on a hot day. Removeable from the misting ring for regular cleaning.
  • 【Standard Hose Adapter】Made of quality PE materials, the 16.4 feet mist pipe is built to resist abrasion and elements. Besides, it comes with a 3/4" standard hose adapter for a quick and secure connection with your garden spigot.
  • 【Pre-Assembled Design】Lift up your outdoor experience with this energy-efficient fan misting system in the backyard, patio, beach, terrace, garden, and more living space. Arriving assembled in the package, the misting ring is easy to secure on fans with included cable ties for instant cooling relief.

Quality Brass Nozzles

This outdoor misting fan kit comes with 5 brass nozzles on the 10.6" misting ring to deliver fine mist for instant cool relief in your outdoor recreational areas.

Independent Switch

Need to reduce the amount of mist or stop misting? You can simply use the exclusive independent ball valve below the misting ring to make it happen. No detour is needed to your garden spigot.

* WARNING: The ball valve is designed for stopping the mist temporarily. Please turn off the spigot directly if you have finsihed using the misting kit.

Standard Hose Adapter

The 3/4" hose adapter attaches quickly and easily to a standard outdoor spigot so you can enjoy cool mist right away for the upcoming heat waves.

Have A Great Time Outdoors

No engineer is needed for installation. Attach the portable misting system to the outdoor fan using the included cable ties and the cool mists will cool you down in minutes. Now kids have one more favorite spot to spend the summer.

Elevate Your Summer Space

Want to hold a family gathering or BBQ party in the garden or patio on beautiful sunny days? The outdoor misting fan kit gets your back. It can deliver fine and refreshing mist to your favorite seat locations to beat the heat.

Upgrade Your Cooling Essentials

Already have a fan outdoors and need more cooling power? Try hooking this portable misting system to your pedestal fan, floor fan, or even the wall-mounted fan and the breezy mist is sure to cool you down.

How to Use 

  • Step 1. Hook the fan misting kit to your fan with included tie cables.                        
  • Step 2. Connect the hose adapter to a standard (3/4") garden faucet.              
  • Step 3. Turn on the switch on the water hose.                                                   
  • Step 4. Please ensure the connection of each slip-lock fitting on the misting ring if you find any leaks.   


Package Includes

  • 1 x Fan Misting Kit
  • 1 x Pack of Cable Ties


Outdoor Portable Misting Fan Kit

Size of mist ring: 10.6 inch Length of mist pipe: 16.4 ft
Brass nozzles: 5 pieces Hose adapter: 3/4"