15" Portable USB Desk Fan

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15″ Dual Oscillating Tower Fan

Introducing Dr. Prepare's NEW 15″ Dual Oscillating Tower Fan. The feature-rich tower fan only measures 5.5″ for its base, arriving with 3 adjustable speeds and 3 auto-off timer to make an efficient addition to your living space.

The fan also comes with 105° widespread oscillation to sweep more areas. Besides, you can tilt either fan back and forth for up to 270° to wherever you need it.


  • 【Blows in Multi-Direction】
    The new 15″ tower fan boasts pivoting and oscillation design. You can tilt each fan for up to 270° to point at spots precisely where you need cool relief. Plus, the 105° horizontal oscillation helps to distribute airflow around for added comfort.
  • 【Dual Powerful Motors】
    Engineered with two powerful motors to double the volume of airflow for maximum comfort. By offering 3 variable speeds, this table fan is sure to cool you off with the right amount of wind. 
  • 【3 Auto-Off Timer】
    The built-in programmable timer allows you to set your desk fan to automatically shut off after 2, 4, or 8 hours. So you can get restful sleep and spare yourself from waking up at midnight. 
  • 【Powered by USB】
    The 5V USB output port opens up new possibilities of keeping you refreshed on muggy days. Plug into a USB port on a power bank or use it with the included USB adapter and a cool breeze can literally kick off wherever you go.
  • 【Desk-Friendly Size】
    Standing 15 inches tall, this sleek table fan comes with a small footprint to fit in your nightstand, office desk, or kitchen counter perfectly and delivers plenty of cooling power for personal use. 

Key Features

Direct Your Airflow

Compact enough to fit in almost any space in the room. the all-new table fan features 105° widespread oscillation to deliver sweet, cool relief. Best of all, the two fans allow for a flexible tilt of up to 270° separately for multi-directional airflow.

Control with Ease

Equipped with 3 speed settings to project the right amount of airflow to keep you cool. Plus, the built-in sleep timer ensures the fan shuts off in 2/4/8 hours to save energy while you are comfortably asleep.

USB Input

The USB input port on its base unlocks endless possibilities if you'd like to take it outdoors. Plug the fan into any 5V/2A USB port on your laptop, power bank, or power station to enjoy a fresh breeze on the go.

Package Includes

  • 1 x 15" Portable USB Desk Fan
  • 1 x User Manual

Warranty Information

1-year warranty


15" Portable USB Desk Fan
Flexible tilt of max. 270° for each little fan 3 Adjustable speed control (L/M/H)
3 Auto-off sleep timer (2/4/8 hours) 105° Horizontal oscillation
Powered by USB (USB input only) Removable grilles for easy cleaning
Compact size: 15.7” (H) x 5.5” (Φ)  


Can I charge this oscillating tower fan?
No, this tabletop fan cannot be charged because it is not built in with batteries. Please use the included wall adapter (with a 6.56 ft power cord) to operate the fan or plug it into a 5V USB port using your own USB-C cable.
How can I clean this desk fan?
Please rotate the front grilles counterclockwise. Then you can use a cloth to gently wipe the dust off the blades.
Will this fan work if I take it on a camping trip?
Yes, you can take the fan along your trip as long as you bring a power bank or a power station that has a USB port.
What should I do if I have further queries about the fan?
If you have any questions or concerns about this tower fan, please feel free to e-mail us. We will be happy to answer any of your inquiries.
More questions about this product? Please contact us .