4 Gallon Portable Camping Shower with Rechargeable Air Pump

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  • 【Rechargeable Air Pump】Slimer than a 16oz beer can, the new rechargeable air pump can fully inflate your shower bag and get your shower ready shortly. Press the power button, hook it up to the shower bag, and let it do the rest. NOTE: we kindly advise you to fully fill the shower bag for the fastest pumping speed possible.
  • 【Constant Spray Nozzle】Redesigned for simple showers outdoors, the versatile spray nozzle comes with two spray modes. You can either squeeze the lever for manual water control or flip it up for a constant spray to rinse off dirt once for all.
  • 【Easy-to-Refill Screw Cap】The enlarged screw lid makes filling the shower bag easier than ever. Best of all, it excels in the task of sealing due to the threaded design, comparing to the press-type lids often found on its peers.
  • 【Warm in Sunlight】Featuring black waterproof PVC, this camp shower can soak up the sunshine to transfer it to thermal energy for warming up water inside. Thus, you can take a lukewarm shower even on a faraway excursion.
  • 【Pack and Go】Pack down this travel-friendly shower with its nozzle, hose, and foot pump well to the zippered storage bag when you are camping, hiking or living off the grid. Perfect for taking a quick shower, rinsing off sands on feet, bathing muddy paws, or washing spotted cars as well.


1. Shower bag:

  • (1)Capacity: 15L / 4 gallons
  • (2)Material: waterproof PVC
  • (3)Length of the hose: 6.56 feet

2. Rechargeable air pump:

  • (1)Size: 6.29 x 1.57 x 1.57 inch
  • (2)Net weight: 0.55 lb
  • (3)Battery: 2000mAh
  • (4)Default safe PSI: 5.0 PSI

The Ultimate Outdoor Shower Solution

Now with a smart, rechargeable air pump, it is easier than ever to inflate the water tank to get a shower ready. The air pump can automatically stop pressurizing or reinflate the shower bag based on the real-time PSI shown on its LED screen.

Besides, the upgraded shower bag still packs features every avid lover of outdoors is sure to love: 2-mode spray nozzle, 6.5-feet water hose, and sunlight-absorbing material.


    1. Capacity: 4 gallons / 15 liters
    2. 6.5-feet water hose to shower overhead
    3. Smart air pump to automatically reinflate/stop pumping
    4. Constant spray mode & manual mode for easier control
    5. Heat up in sunlight for a soothing, warm shower
    6. Compact storage bag stows the bag, hose, and pump on the go

Enjoy A Refreshing Shower Anywhere With the Upgraded Air Pump Camping Shower Bag




Recharge via USB

Built in with a 2000mAh lithium battery, the rechargeable air pump comes with a micro USB port and a USB cable to restore power for your next camping trip. The battery icon will turn green when a full charge completes.


Ready for Splashes

This smart air pump can fit snugly into a waterproof bag (included). Hook it up to the water tank for secure storage away from splashes and dust.


Auto-Stop & Reinflation

Unlike foot pumps requiring frequent pumping to keep water flowing, this revolutionary air pump automatically monitors water pressure within the tank to stop pumping/add pressure in time for effortless showers in the great outdoors. Note: the air pump will enter the Safety Mode (it stops inflating the shower bag and no water comes out) if it detects that the shower bag is not in use.

To get out of the Safety Mode, please keep squeezing the handle on the nozzle and short press the power button to restart the air pump.




Wash off Sweats & Dirt

Trying to get sand off your feet or sandals after walking on the beach? The 6.56-feet water hose is long enough to clean from head to toe so you don't have to bring half of the beach back home.

Warm Showers Await

Rest the filled shower bag on a sunny location and a few hours of sunbathing helps to warm up the water inside. Taking a warm and refreshing bath off the grid is not wishful thinking.

A Quick Rinse for All

Unroll the shower bag to fill the water and bring it wherever you want in the backyard. You will find this outdoor shower is a good fit for cleaning off debris accumulating on your car or rinsing the muddy paws of your pets.


Warranty Information

1-year warranty



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