Projection Alarm Clock 005

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All-in-One Multi-functional Projection Alarm Clock

It's time to upgrade your bedside clock to something that's more functional. Why not have the time projected onto your wall or ceiling?

Just open your eyes, even lying on the bed, you will instantly see the large and clear time readout projected on ceiling or wall. Fit right in on any nightstand, our projection clock provides great convenience despite its compact size.

Start a new day with Dr. Prepare Projection Weather Clock.


  • 180° Projection & Adjustable Focus】Fits right in on your nightstand to project time and temperature onto the ceiling or wall. You can either swing the projector or flip the projection for 180° to easily tell the time and temp. The focus knob on the back allows you adjust projector focus to obtain clearer projected readings.
  • Wireless Remote Sensor】Capable of connecting with wireless remote sensors, the projection clock registers outdoor temperature and humidity readings around your living area. Please follow the guidelines in the manual to learn how to connect the sensor with the clock and a few tips about its placement.
  • Large LCD Screen & 4-Level Brightness】Comes with a large colorful backlit LCD screen, this projection alarm clock displays time, temperature, humidity clearly. 4 brightness settings (HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW/OFF) provide an optimal vision that suits you best for maximum comfort in different time or environment.
  • Dual Alarms & Snooze】With separate switches on the back to control two alarms for different schedules and plans. The additional snooze function allows you to sleep for 5 minutes after the alarm rings, at a simple press of the SNZ/LIGHT button at the top.
  • AC Adapter & Battery Backup】Plug the projection clock into a wall outlet with the included power adapter to keep the clock working and the display lit. Battery backup can keep the time settings. When the clock is only powered by batteries (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included), the screen will not stay lit and projection will shut off.


Key Features



  • · 180-degree adjustable projection
  • · Adjustable focus for clearer projection
  • · Long-term (stay lit) / short-term (15s) projection
  • · Temperature, humidity, and weather forecast
  • · Brightness levels of screen: Off / Low / Medium / High
  • · Dual alarms with snooze feature (5 min)
  • · 7 easy-to-use buttons


Adjustable Projection Focus

Rotating the focus knob on the back allows you to obtain clearer projected image.

Snooze Function

When your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning, but you want a little more sleep, you can press the button to get an extra 5 minutes of snooze time.

Backup Battery

· Backlight of the screen and projection will shut off when using batteries (not included) as power source.

· Please plug in the clock with the included wall adapter for full features.

Wireless Remote Sensor

· Channel button (channel 1, 2, or 3)

· Wall-mount design

· Splash resistant (avoid direct sunlight or rain)


· Concrete walls, cellars, metal doors, and other sources of signals will interfere with transmission.

· Please ensure the wireless range between the alarm clock and the sensor is within 200 feet.

Indoor Comfort Indicators

This projection clock measures indoor temperature and humidity and displays the comfort level, protecting your whole family get rid of troubles caused by excessive dryness or humidity.

Dual Alarms

Comes with separate switches on the back to control two alarms for different schedules and plans. Dr. Prepare projection alarm clock allows you to work and relax on schedule.



Projection Alarm Clock - 005
Indoor Temperature Measurement Ranges: 14.18°F ~ 122°F (-9.9℃ ~ 50℃) Outdoor Temperature Measurement Ranges: -40°F ~ 158°F (-40℃ ~ 70℃) 
Rotation of Projection: 180° Time Format: 12/24 Hour
Brightness Levels of Screen: Off / Low / Medium / High Temperature Units: °F / °C
Indoor & Outdoor Humidity: 20% - 95% Battery backup: 2 x AAA (not included, backup power for saving settings) 

Package Includes 

1 x Projection Alarm Clock

1 x Wireless Remote Sensor

1 x User Manual


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