53 Quart/50L Portable Refrigerator

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27.00 (in)
20.00 (in)
18.00 (in)
  • 1. RENOGY 72000 power bank


  • 【LG Powered Compressor】
    Engineered with an advanced LG powered compressor, this portable car refrigerator ensures efficient freezing while maintaining precise temp control and reliable durability. Cools your food or beverages from 86°F (30°C) to 32°F (0°C) in just 15 minutes. Plus, our LG compressor is backed by a 3-year assurance on materials, ensuring peace of mind and reliability.
  • 【2-in-1 Dual Zone, Dual Control】
    With its large 53-quart (50L) capacity, this portable refrigerator accommodates up to 60 cans of 12 fl.oz. (355ml) drinks. What sets it apart is its dual cooling zones equipped with separate temperature controls, enabling convenient switching between fridge and freezer compartments on either side. Both cooling zone can refrigerate and freeze from 68°F (20°C) to -4°F (-20°C). No ice needed.
  • 【Three Power Supply Ways】
    Our portable fridge has three power supply options: a 120-240V AC wall outlet, 12V/24V DC power, and a car cigarette charging cable for power station use. It also features three levels of battery voltage protection (High, Medium, and Low) to prevent excessive discharge. Enjoy your journey without worrying about battery life.
  • 【Remote APP & Button Dual Control】
    Take full control of our car fridge with the convenience of remote app and button dual control. Power on and off, adjust the temperature, switch between ECO or MAX freezing modes, and set the battery protection level (High, Medium, or Low) effortlessly.
  • 【User-centric Design】
    Our portable fridge boasts a range of user-centric features. It includes a practical cutting board, two cup holders, and convenient in/cm measurement markings on the lid. The bi-directional lid adds to the overall convenience. With a telescopic handle that allows effortless maneuverability like a suitcase, this fridge is perfect for off-road adventures, camping, travels, and more.

ECO or MAX Cooling

Battery Protection

Easy to Use

Large Capacity

40° Anti Shake


Key Features

Removable & Bi-directional Lid

The cover can be installed in two different directions. Enhances usability, especially in situations where the fridge is placed in tight spaces.

in/cm Markings

A useful reference for measuring and portioning items stored inside the fridge. Also perfect for outdoor fishing to measure the length of fish.

Convenient Drain

Our fridge features a convenient drain system with a plug located at the bottom. This allows for easy water drainage after defrosting or cleaning.

Double Safety Protection

Over-current cut-off fuses at power plug and cable ends ensure fridge safety, guarding against potential damage in over-current situations.

Powered by Renogy 72,000 mAh Power Bank

Experience outdoor freedom with the Renogy 72,000 mAh power bank. Power your fridge for up to 16 hours on-the-go, ensuring freshness and convenience. (Power station sold separately)

Powered by Dr.Prepare 2-in-1 1,280Wh Power Station

Dr.Prepare 2-in-1 combo LiFePO4 battery and power station keeps food and drinks chilled or frozen for up to 48 hours on the road. Stay refreshed on your journey! (Battery sold separately)


Warranty Information

1-year warranty
Renogy 12V/24V 53 Quart (50L) Portable Refrigerator
53 Quart (50 L / 1.76 cu. ft.)
Rated Power
60W (MAX Mode), 45W (ECO Mode)
Rated Voltage
DC 12V/24V, or AC 120V (Using the included adapters)
Temperature Setting Range -4~68℉/-20~20℃
Noise Level
≤45 dB
Battery Voltage Protection
High / Medium / Low
Touch Panel and Bluetooth App (within 10m/33ft distance in an unobstructed area)
Climate Class T/ST/N/SN
27 x 18 x 20 in/692 x 453 x 515 mm (L x W x H)
Net Weight
39 lbs/17.5 kg
Material and Workmanship Warranty 1 Year for Portable Refrigerator
3 Years for LG Powered Compressor
Package Includes
1 x Portable Refrigerator
1 x 12V/24V DC Power Cord (8.2 ft/2.5 m)
1 x 100V-240V AC Power Cord (7.2 ft/2.2 m)
1 x Removable Basket
1 x Cutting Board
1 x User Manual


What is the power consumption of this freezer?
Our portable refrigerator offers two cooling modes: ECO mode and MAX mode. In ECO mode, it consumes 45 watts, equivalent to approximately 1 kWh of electricity per day. MAX mode, on the other hand, operates at 60 watts, providing efficient cooling and consuming around 1.4 kWh of electricity per day.
Can this be placed outdoors? Is it waterproof?
This portable car fridge is not waterproof, so it should not be soaked in water, heavily sprayed with water, or exposed to rain. When using it outdoors for camping or travel, it is recommended to keep it inside the vehicle or in a shaded area to protect it from direct exposure to the sun to ensure stable freezing performance.
Is the small compartment able to be used as a colder fridge when the main compartment is used as a freezer?
Absolutely! Both the left and right cooling zones offer the flexibility to function as either a fridge or a freezer. You have the freedom to refrigerate or freeze items within a temperature range of 68°F (20°C) to -4°F (-20°C) in both cooling zones.
Will the fridge work with direct solar panel output at 18V?
No, the fridge cannot be directly connected to a solar panel with an 18V output. Instead, you need to connect it using the included 12V/24V DC power cord or 100V-240V AC power cord. The DC power cord enables connection to a car battery, power station, or power bank with a car cigarette port. The AC power cord allows you to power the fridge through a standard wall socket.
Can I use just one cooling zone at a tim?
Sure! Thanks to our independent temperature-controlling system, you have the flexibility to use either the left or right cooling zone individually. There's no need to use both zones every time, which helps you save power.
Can I remote control the car fridge via the dedicated app anywhere?
Our car fridge supports Bluetooth app control, and the Bluetooth connection must be within 10 m/33 ft distance in an unobstructed area.
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