9 Awesome RV Gadgets to Make Your Van Life Easier

9 Awesome RV Gadgets to Make Your Van Life Easier

Dr. Prepare Team - Shirley on 29th Oct 2021

RV travelling is a great way to enjoy the sunshine and the natural beauty of the city, visit a national park, or just take a break and head out into the woods for some R&R.

So, after completing the installation of the Renogy off-grid solar system and starting a full time RV living, what are the necessary gear or gizmos?And some people may be confused about what to purchase if I am a beginner in RV living.

Whether you're a beginner or pro living in an RV, here we are sharing 9 awesome gadgets that can boost your trip to a whole new level and make your day to day on the road even easier and more comfortable. We find it easiest to break things up into specific categories: Daily Needs, For Winter, and For Summer.

5 RV accessories for daily needs

Get some essential gadgets to make your off-grid RV living have some of the conveniences and luxuries of home on the road. Every RV beginner should know about these 5 gadgets.

Lithium battery - A must-have to power up all your electrical appliances on the road.

A 12V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery provides all the electricity your RV's daily needs, including a fridge, projector, cooking machine, ventilator, and more. Keep the fridge cold so you can get fresh, raw food. Turn on the projector and enjoy a movie night, on a starry night.

The built-in battery management system (BMS) combines 2,000 deep cycle lifespans to offer better performance and longer usage. It allows you to free yourself from worrying about a power outage or electricity limitations on the road.Get free, clean, and safe energy to reduce your carbon footprint and protect our planet.

Portable power station - Meet your power needs outdoors.

You'll arrive at a place with beautiful scenery, then stop and relax. And sometimes, you may want to shoot a video to capture that moment. A 500Wh power station can supply the power you need outdoors.

Grab the portable handle, and go. Find a flat, open area, sit down, and have a cup of coffee made by your coffee maker that is powered by the power station. Sure, it can quickly charge your battery-drained camera or smartphone. Then, shoot a video, and share it with your friends who are hard at work in an office.

Camping shower - Your luxury and comfort outdoors.

If you are going camping for a couple of days, you'll probably want to take an outdoor camping shower, especially with warm water. This Dr. Prepare portable camping shower bag absorbs sunlight to convert it into thermal energy to warm up the water inside. Then, you can take a heated camping shower to keep your body comfortable throughout the day. Certainly, it's lukewarm water rather than hot water. The rechargeable air pump inflates the solar shower bag and gets your shower ready very quickly, without the need for continuousmanual pressing.

By the way, it’s a multifunctional and practical camping shower bag. You can use it to rinse off the sand on feet, bathe muddy paws, or wash spotted cars, etc.

Projection alarm clock - Easily know what time it is, and what the weather is like today.

Set an alarm in advance, wake up early, make coffee, drive inside the park to a place with a gorgeous view. Enjoy the sunrise and wildlife with few other humans around. What a beautiful moment.

All of these begin with Dr. Prepare's projection clock. It projects time, weather, and humidity info onto the ceiling, wall, or anywhere fitting into your RV, so you can easily tell the time and weather when you wake up and still lying in bed. No longer need to look for your little clock when needed. After all, sometimes, it likes to play the hide and seek game.

LED work light - Light up all dark areas more easily.

When you need to check the status of your RV engine or tires at night, a foldable portable LED work light perfectly meets your needs. It's a rechargeable work light. On a single full charge, it provides up to 72 hours of LED brightness and 30 hours of low-level COB brightness. The strong magnetic base allows you to attach it to the trailer, then free your hands to do the repair work. It's capable of flipping back and forth in 360 degrees, with no blind spots.

3 RV accessories for winter

Keeping yourself and your RV warm is the first rule when starting a full-time RV living during a cold winter.

Electric heated vest - Keep your body warm during winter sports.

You're into skiing, ice fishing, hunting, and climbing in the winter, so start your annual winter trailer tour. A Dr. Prepare's heated jacket is a must-have for your winter trip.

It's powered by USB, and features three levels of heating temperature. A thoughtful 4-zipper design on each side allows everyone, whether men or women, to adjust their fitting size. Wear your ski gear and this heated vest, then enjoy the fun of this winter.

Ceramic heater - Let your RV stay warm at all times.

In the cold winter, you'd expect the house to be warm and toasty when back from outside. The same wish goes for your RV on the road. This ceramic space heater can warm you up in seconds when you get back to the RV after finishing the winter sport. The built-in advanced temperature control system guarantees safe usage while providing enough warmth.

By the way, it also provides cool winds. Get one, and use it for four seasons.

Boot dryer - You can always wear dry snow boots.

Wet your boots after walking on a snowy road in winter? Wet your shoes on a rainy day? Don't be upset. This boot dryer is ready to restore your soggy shoes to dryness and comfort. It's good for foot health and shoe maintenance, extending the life of your valuable gear.The 90-degree folding design assures great portability and easy storage. Besides being used for boots and shoes, it works perfectly for gloves, hats, socks, helmets, and more.

One of the most important RV accessories for summer

Camping fan - Stay cool during the summertime.

Scenic views, glimpses of rare wildlife, and good times around the campfire make a summer trailer tour perfect. But what about taking a camping fan with you? It will help cool your tour with less unpleasant sweat and stickiness.

Equipped with a rechargeable 14,400mAh battery, Dr. Prepare's camping fan provides continuous cooling winds for up to 15 hours. Whether used in an RV or out near a campfire party, it works perfectly.

By the way, it also has an integrated LED light that can light up your road when you walk on a summer night, or be used as an emergency light.

So, what's your idea for a RVer's packing list? Any gadgets you think are a must-have for travel trailers that we did not mention above?

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